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Origins of Opioid M aintenance Therapy Developm ent of m ethadone W ith short-acting opioids eliminated as options Developm ent of M edications for maintenance therapy discount tadacip 20 mg without a prescription, research focused on methadone buy tadacip 20mg on-line. Methadone appeared to be longer To Treat Opioid Addiction acting and effective when administered orally cheap tadacip 20 mg otc. It also was selected on the basis of observations Early rationale for of its use in patients withdrawing from heroin m ethadone m aintenance and as an analgesic in the experimental treat- treatm ent ment of pain (Dole 1980, 1988). Dole, a specialist in of heroin, morphine, or methadone to assess metabolism at The Rockefeller University, duration of action. Proof of the efficacy of became chair of the Narcotics Committee of the methadone maintenance treatment depended Health Research Council of New York City. After studying the scientific, public health, and social ramifications of addiction in the city, he In an initial study, methadone was adminis- received a grant to establish a research unit to tered to two patients previously maintained on investigate the feasibility of opioid mainte- morphine. In preparing for this research, he read to 120 mg was established, patients could func- The Drug Addict as a Patient by Dr. During this with extensive experience treating patients who research, the following important findings were addicted to opioids. She was convinced about methadone maintenance were noted, all that these individuals could be treated within supporting its efficacy and benefits (Dole 1980, general medical practice. She also believed that 1988): many would have to be maintained on opioids for extended periods to function because a ï Patients did not experience euphoric, tran- significant number of people who attempted quilizing, or analgesic effects. Their affect abstinence without medication relapsed, in and consciousness were normal. Therefore, spite of detoxifications, hospitalizations, and they could socialize and work normally with- psychotherapy (Brecher and Editors 1972; out the incapacitating effects of short-acting Courtwright et al. Among others ï A therapeutic, appropriate dose of methadone joining the team was clinical investigator Dr. Also, levels for methadone over time, unlike for the short half-life of morphine required several morphine and other opioids; therefore, a injections per day, and, as tolerance developed, dose could be held constant for extended increasing amounts were needed over a short periods (more than 20 years in some cases). History of M edication-Assisted Treatm ent for Opioid Addiction 17 ï Methadone was effective when administered initiative to treat opioid addiction under the orally. Jerome Jaffe, who headed the hours, patients could take it once a day Special Action Office for Drug Abuse without using a syringe. Prevention in the Executive Office of the W hite ï Methadone relieved the opioid craving or House in the early 1970s. Jaffeís office hunger that patients with addiction described oversaw the creation of a nationwide, publicly as a major factor in relapse and continued funded system of treatment programs for illegal use. Methadone Association for the Treatment of Opioid maintenance became a major public health Dependence n. Naltrexone also may benefit with the cost averaging $7 returned for every some patients in the beginning stages of opioid dollar invested (Gerstein et al. Other patient groups day of treatment paid for itself (the benefits frequently have demonstrated poor compliance to taxpaying citizens equaled or exceeded the with long-term naltrexone therapy, mainly costs) on the day it was received, primarily because naltrexone neither eases craving for through an avoidance of crimeî (Gerstein et the effects of illicit opioids when used as direct- al. History of M edication-Assisted Treatm ent for Opioid Addiction 19 ï Methadone treatment was among the most ï Encourage programs to provide comprehen- cost-effective treatments, yielding savings of sive services, such as individual and group $3 to $4 for every dollar spent. It identified the greatest reductions in criminal activity such barriers as the publicís misperception of and drug selling, down 84 percent and 86 persons who are opioid addicted not as individ- percent, respectively, of any type of opioid uals with a disease but as ìotherî or ìdifferent,î addiction treatment studied. B]) amended that Services and must comply with regulations portion of the Controlled Substances Act man- established by the U. Attorney General dating separate registration for practitioners regarding security of opioid stocks and mainte- who dispense opioids in addiction treatment. Interest in accreditation grew because Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services of its emphasis on self-assessment and Administration 2003a; see also chapter 3). In addition, trends in national health care Regulation fueled movement toward accreditation. Several States eligibility, evaluation procedures, dosages, grant exemptions from State licensing take-home medications, frequency of patient requirements (called ìdeemed statusî) to visits, medical and psychiatric services, coun- accredited health care facilities. The new regulations acknowledged that addiction is a medical disorder not medical disorder As experience with amenable to one-size-fits-all treatment. They the effectiveness of recognized that different patients, at different not amenable to methadone grew, times, could need vastly different services. Coverage of naltrexone is short because its use Dosage Formseiusmod in the United States generally has been limited to easing withdrawal symptoms for a small portion of patients undergoing medically super- EfficacyUt enim vised withdrawal after maintenance treatment. Exhibit 3-1 provides ad minim information about these and other medications for opioid addiction Side Effects veniam quis treatment, including the year of their U. Qualified physicians may dispense care settings should help move medical mainte- or prescribe buprenorphine products for up to nance treatment of opioid addiction into main- 30 patients at a time under the provisions of stream medical practice. Any criteria of the Secretary under this subclause shall be established by regulation. Any such criteria are effective only for 3 years after the date on which the criteria are promulgated, but may be extended for such additional discrete 3-year periods as the Secretary considers appropriate for purposes of this subclause. Such an extension of criteria may only be effectuated through a statement published in the Federal Register by the Secretary during the 30-day period preceding the end of the 3-year period involved. Pharm acology of M edications Used To Treat Opioid Addiction 27 are opioid addicted. Patients with special needs Pharm acology and may require split methadone doses given more Pharm acotherapy than once daily. Therapeutically appropriate entering the body equals the amount being doses of these agonist medications produce excreted) of methadone usually is achieved in 5 cross-tolerance for short-acting opioids such as to 7. Unlike of methadone also attenuate or block the methadone, it cannot be administered daily euphoric effects of heroin and other opioids. Methadoneís body clearance rate varies patients who cannot take oral methadone, considerably between individuals. Pharm acology of M edications Used To Treat Opioid Addiction 29 Buprenorphine course of buprenorphine-naloxone therapy for detoxification from opioids. As a result, there is a greater mar- function more like an antagonist under these gin of safety from death by respiratory depres- conditions (see ìInductionî in chapter 5). Buprenorphine overdose is Naltrexone uncommon, although it has been reported in Naltrexone is a highly effective opioid antago- France, and it is associated almost always with nist that tightly binds to mu opiate receptors. It can, therefore, that it can be used on a daily or less-than-daily precipitate withdrawal in patients who have not basis. Typically, the interdosing interval is been abstinent from short-acting opioids for at extended by doubling or tripling the daily dose least 7 days and have not been abstinent from to permit alternate-day or thrice weekly dosing long-acting ones, such as methadone, for at (Amass et al. Buprenorphine also may be an excellent agent Because naltrexone has no narcotic effect, to facilitate detoxification from illicit opioids there are no withdrawal symptoms when a and abused prescription opioids. Although it patient stops using naltrexone, nor does nal- has a relatively short plasma half-life (about 4 trexone have abuse potential.

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Total Rh from either genetic suppression of the Rh genes or Blood bank/Evaluate laboratory data to make inheritance of amorphic genes at the Rh locus order tadacip 20 mg fast delivery. A An Rh-negative control (patient cells in saline or procedures/Rh system/2 6% albumin) should be run if a sample appears to 16 purchase tadacip discount. The Wiener designation hr´ denotes c best order for tadacip, hr˝ denotes e, and Blood bank/Evaluate laboratory data to verify test Rh0 is D. Tere are multiple alleles at a single complex locus that determine each Rh antigen D. Te antigens are named D, C, E, c, and e Blood bank/Apply knowledge of fundamental biological principles/Rh system/2 4. A physician orders 2 units of leukocyte-reduced Answers to Questions 19–20 red blood cells. What is the next blood because he is male, giving A negative would be the type that should be given? None of these options Blood bank/Apply knowledge of laboratory procedures/ Rh system/2 4. Which of the following statements is true antibody panel reveals the presence of anti-Lea. Antigens are destroyed using bleach-treated cells a positive antibody screen; however, a panel B. Should anti-Lea be antigens considered as a possibility for the patient with the C. Anti-Lea may be a possible antibody, but further Blood bank/Apply knowledge of fundamental studies are needed biological characteristics/Blood groups/2 C. Anti-Lea is not a likely antibody because even Leb individuals secrete some Lea Answers to Questions 1–4 D. C Anti-Lea is produced primarily by persons with the Le(a−b−) phenotype because Le(a−b+) persons still Blood bank/Apply knowledge of fundamental have some Lea antigen present in saliva. Although Lea biological characteristics/Blood groups/2 is not present on their red cells, Le(a−b+) persons do 2. This combines with anti-Lea, this situation, but it needs to be removed to reveal neutralizing the antibody. The antibody must be honored in this biological characteristics/Blood groups/3 scenario. Blood bank/Apply knowledge of fundamental biological characteristics/Blood group antibodies/3 134 4. Compatible blood may not be found for the Blood bank/Apply knowledge of fundamental patient with a strongly reacting anti-M biological characteristics/Blood group antibodies/1 C. Which of the following antibodies cells, causing a positive autocontrol characteristically gives a refractile mixed-field appearance? Anti-s of reactivity is characteristic of the Donath– Blood bank/Apply knowledge of fundamental Landsteiner antibody, which causes this condition? A The Donath–Landsteiner antibody has anti-P Blood bank/Apply knowledge of fundamental specificity with biphasic activity. How can interfering anti-P antibody be removed cells to hemolyze when warmed to 37°C. The corresponding antigen is characterized as high frequency in the Rh Blood bank/Apply principles of special procedures/ system and can mask the presence of other Blood group antibodies/1 alloantibodies. A Adult cells contain mostly I antigen, and anti-I would warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia? C Antibodies to the M and N antigens are IgM biological characteristics/Blood group antibodies/1 antibodies commonly found as cold agglutinins. The refractile serum is then tested with a cord cell and the characteristic is more evident under the microscope. Te k (Cellano) antigen is a high-frequency cells antigen and is found on most red cells. Rarely, because most individuals have the antigen and therefore would not develop the 12. C The 3+3 rule ascertains correct identification of antibody antibody at a confidence level of 95%. It depends upon the population, because certain be met, reagent red cells are found containing target racial and ethnic groups show a higher frequency antigen to suspected antibody that react in test of anti-k phase; likewise, reagent red cells devoid of antigen D. Which procedure would help to distinguish k-negative individuals are very rare, the occurrence between an anti-e and anti-Fya in an antibody of anti-k is also rare. Reactivity with anti-Fya is lost the following antibodies: anti-Fya, anti-Jka, with enzyme-treated red cells, but reactivity with anti- and anti-K? Not detected with enzyme-treated cells from serum, yielding a negative result for the C. If the patient is transfused may cause severe hemolytic transfusion reactions with the corresponding antigen, an anamnestic response may occur with a subsequent hemolytic Blood bank/Apply principles of special procedures/ transfusion reaction. Which antibody would not be detected by group finds 1+ and weak positive reactions for several of O screening cells? What type of antibody may be causing Blood bank/Apply principles of special procedures/ these results? An antibody is detected in a pregnant woman and Blood bank/Apply principles of special procedures/ is suspected of being the cause of fetal distress. Serum stored at 4°C for no longer than 48 hours calcium needed for activation of complement. Either serum or plasma stored at 20°C–24°C no Heating the serum to 56°C destroys complement. The weaker reactions are due to dosage effect found on cells that are heterozygous for the Jkb antigen. On Panel 2, which of the following antibodies antibody out, a cell that is homozygous for C and could not be ruled out? A 77-year-old female is admitted to a community Answers to Questions 25–26 hospital after a cardiac arrest. No, a new sample is needed for each testing patient sample is available Blood bank/Apply knowledge of standard operating C. Compatibility testing may be performed procedures/Crossmatch/2 immediately using donor serum D. Compatibility testing is not necessary when Answers to Questions 1–5 blood is released in emergency situations 1. B When patient serum is available, it will be Blood bank/Apply knowledge of laboratory crossmatched with donor cells. Patient serum might operations/Crossmatch/3 contain antibodies against antigens on donor cells 2. C A minor crossmatch consists of recipient red cells and explanation for these results? High-frequency alloantibody or a mixture of sample within 3 days of the scheduled transfusion; alloantibodies however, if the patient is pregnant or was transfused C. Donor plasma and donor red cells Blood bank/Apply knowledge of laboratory operations/ Crossmatch/1 140 4.

The registered by chemical stimulation of the taste mouth tadacip 20 mg low price, also known as the (1) oral cavity or buccal buds are sweet order on line tadacip, sour purchase genuine tadacip online, salty, and bitter. It is formed by the taste perceptions are combinations of these four (7) Uvula (5) Soft palate (4) Hard palate (1) Oral cavity Laryngopharynx (2) Teeth (3) Tongue Food bolus (6) Pharynx (10) Epiglottis (9) Esophagus (8) Trachea Figure 6-1. Sagittal view of the head showing oral, nasal, and pharyngeal components of the digestive system. Anatomy and Physiology 107 Anatomy and Physiology Key Terms This section introduces important terms, along with their definitions and pronunciations. Pronunciation Help Long Sound a—rate ¯ e—rebirth¯ ¯ı—isle o—over¯ u—unite¯ Short Sound a—alone ˘ e—ever ˘ ˘ı—it o—not˘ u—cut˘ basic flavors. At all other cately linked with sense of smell, making taste times, the epiglottis remains upright, allowing air perception very complex. It prevents the Pharynx, Esophagus, stomach contents from regurgitating back into the esophagus. The (4) body of the stomach, the large and Stomach central portion, together with the (5) fundus, the As the bolus is pushed by the tongue into the upper portion, are mainly storage areas. Most (6) pharynx (throat), it is guided by the soft, fleshy, digestion takes place in the funnel-shaped termi- V-shaped structure called the (7) uvula. The lowest portion of folds called (7) rugae that gradually unfold as the the pharynx divides into two tubes: one that leads stomach fills. This sphincter regulates the speed and movement of The large intestine is about 5 feet long. It begins at chyme into the small intestine and prohibits back- the end of the ileum and extends to the anus. The only by coordinated, rhythmic muscle contractions secretion is mucus in the colon, which lubricates called peristalsis. The first 2 or 3 inches of the Small Intestine large intestine is called the (6) cecum, a small pouch that hangs inferior to the ileocecal valve. Projecting The small intestine is a coiled, 20-foot long tube downward from the cecum is a wormlike structures that begins at the pyloric sphincter and extends at called the (7) appendix. The main functions of the colon are which is about 10 inches long to absorb water and minerals and eliminate undi- • (2) jejunum, which is approximately 8 feet gested material. The colon is divided into ascend- long ing, transverse, descending, and sigmoid portions: • (3) ileum, which is about 12 feet long • The (8) ascending colon extends from the Digestion is completed in the small intestine with cecum to the lower border of the liver and the help of additional enzymes and secretions turns abruptly to form the (9) hepatic flexure. Nutrients in • The colon continues across the abdomen to chyme are absorbed through microscopic, finger- the left side as the (10) transverse colon, like projections called villi. Nutrients enter the curving beneath the lower end of the bloodstream and lymphatic system for distribu- (11) spleen to form the (12) splenic flexure. At the terminal end of • As the transverse colon turns downward, it the small intestine, a sphincter muscle called the becomes the (13) descending colon. Food bolus (1) Esophagus (5) Fundus of stomach (3) Lower esophageal Longitudinal (cardiac) sphincter muscle layer Circular muscle layer Lesser curvature Oblique (8) Pyloric sphincter muscle layer (4) Body Figure 6-2. Anterior view of (2) Duodenum Greater curvature the stomach showing muscle (6) Pylorus (7) Rugae layers and rugae of the mucosa. Anatomy and Physiology 109 Parotid gland Tongue Submandibular Salivary gland Mouth (oral cavity) glands Sublingual gland Pharynx Esophagus Food bolus (5) Liver Stomach Gallbladder (11) Spleen (1) Duodenum (12) Splenic flexure (9) Hepatic flexure (4) Pancreas (10) Transverse colon (2) Jejunum (13) Descending colon (8) Ascending colon (3) Ileum (6) Cecum (14) Sigmoid colon (7) Appendix (15) Rectum (16) Anus Figure 6-3. Liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and duodenum with associated ducts and blood vessels. Some of its important functions include: enzymes that pass into the duodenum through the (3) pancreatic duct. The pancreatic duct • producing bile, used in the small intestine to extends along the pancreas and, together with the emulsify and absorb fats (4) hepatic duct from the liver, enters the (5) duo- • removing glucose (sugar) from blood to synthe- denum. The digestive enzymes produced by the size glycogen (starch) and retain it for later use pancreas contain trypsin, which breaks down pro- • storing vitamins, such as B12,A,D,E,andK teins; amylase, which breaks down carbohydrates; • destroying or transforming toxic products and lipase, which breaks down fat. Bile is Pancreas also drained from the liver through the (8) right The (2) pancreas is an elongated, somewhat flat- hepatic duct and the (9) left hepatic duct. These tened organ that lies posterior and slightly inferi- two structures eventually form the hepatic duct. It performs both endocrine and (10) cystic duct of the gallbladder merges with the exocrine functions. As an endocrine gland, the hepatic duct to form the common bile duct, which pancreas secretes insulin directly into the blood- leads into the duodenum. It is time to review anatomy of the accessory organs of digestion by completing Learning Activity 6–2. Anatomy and Physiology 111 Connecting Body Systems–Digestive System The main function of the digestive system is to provide vital nutrients for growth, maintenance, and repair of all organs and body cells. Specific functional relationships between the digestive system and other body systems are discussed below. Nervous • Pancreas contains hormone-producing • Digestive system supplies nutrients for cells. Respiratory • Digestive system absorbs nutrients needed Genitourinary by cells in the lungs and other tissues in • Digestive system provides adequate nutri- the respiratory tract. The lowest portion of drugs to forms that can be excreted the pharynx divides into two tubes: one in urine. Assessment of Although some digestive disorders may be without a suspected digestive disorder includes a thorough symptoms (asymptomatic), many are associated history and physical examination. A range of diag- with such symptoms as nausea, vomiting, bleeding, nostic tests assist in identifying abnormalities of the pain, and weight loss. Severe For diagnosis, treatment, and management of infection, drug toxicity, hepatic disease, and changes digestive disorders, the medical services of a spe- in fluid and electrolyte balance can cause behavioral cialist may be warranted. Gastroentero- Ulcerative colitis is associated with a higher risk logists do not perform surgeries; however, under of colon cancer. Severe cases may require surgical the broad classification of surgery, they do perform creation of an opening (stoma) for bowel evacua- such procedures as liver biopsy and endoscopic tion to a bag worn on the abdomen. Hernia Ulcer A hernia is a protrusion of any organ, tissue, or An ulcer is a circumscribed open sore, on the skin structure through the wall of the cavity in which it or mucous membranes within the body. A third type of ulceration that affects the able and appears as a soft lump under the skin, no digestive system is associated with a disorder called larger than a marble. Both of these prod- supply to the hernia is cut off because of pressure, ucts are found in gastric juice and normally act on a (2) strangulated hernia may develop leading to food to begin the digestive process. The strong action of these digestive products can destroy the protective defenses of the mucous membranes of the stomach and duodenum, causing the lining to erode. The spiral shape of this organism helps it to burrow into the mucosa, weakening it and making it more susceptible to the action of pepsin and stom- ach acid. If left untreated, mucosal destruction produces a hole (perforation) in the wall lining with resultant bleeding from the damaged area. It is characterized 1) Inguinal hernia by profuse, watery diarrhea containing varying amounts of blood, mucus, and pus. Ulcerative coli- tis is distinguished from other closely related bowel disorders by its characteristic inflammatory pattern. The inflammation involves only the mucosal lining of the colon, and the affected portion of the colon is uniformly involved, with Figure 6-5. An (3) umbilical hernia is Hemorrhoids a protrusion of part of the intestine at the navel.

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The influenza vaccination for children with effects of electronic prescribing on the asthma purchase tadacip online pills. Qualitative in changing the antiplatelet drug-prescribing evaluation of an electronic prescribing and behavior among Italian general practitioners administration system cheap 20 mg tadacip. The impact of a closed-loop electronic Effect of electronic prescribing with prescribing and automated dispensing formulary decision support on medication system on the ward pharmacist’s time and use and cost order tadacip 20 mg otc. A trial of automated safety alerts for Reducing the prescribing of heavily inpatient digoxin use with computerized marketed medications: A randomized physician order entry. Does A trial of automated decision support alerts a fixed physician reminder system improve for contraindicated medications using the care of patients with coronary artery computerized physician order entry. Opportunistic clinical decision support to increase electronic reminders: Improving influenza vaccination: multi-year evolution performance of preventive care in general of the system. Impact of control (4C): meeting the challenge of computerized prescriber order entry on secondary prevention. Effect of a weight-based prescribing method Improving timely surgical antibiotic within an electronic health record on prophylaxis redosing administration using prescribing errors. Physician compliance with practice Electronic prescribing reduced prescribing guidelines. Clinical electronic prescriptions with decision Pharmacology & Therapeutics support results. Impact of computerized decision support on Computerized order entry with limited blood pressure management and control: a decision support to prevent prescription randomized controlled trial. The impact of e-prescribing on prescriber Inpatient verbal orders and the impact of and staff time in ambulatory care clinics: a computerized provider order entry. Electronic prescribing at the point of application to improve compliance with co­ care: A time-motion study in the primary signature of verbal orders. Oral quinolones in hospitalized patients: Comparison of two implementation an evaluation of a computerized decision strategies for a computerized order entry support intervention. A mixed method study of the merits of e- computerized order entry and failure modes prescribing drug alerts in primary care. Maintained effectiveness of an of extended-spectrum -lactamase­ electronic alert system to prevent venous producing Klebsiella pneumoniae using a thromboembolism among hospitalized computer-assisted management program to patients. Improved influenza and pneumococcal Computer calculated dose in paediatric vaccination in rheumatology patients taking prescribing. Computerized reminders to monitor liver Randomized controlled trial of an function to improve the use of etretinate. Documentation-based clinical decision support to improve antibiotic prescribing for 87. The acute respiratory infections in primary care: impact of computerized clinical reminders A cluster randomised controlled trial. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol record clinical quality alert prepared by off­ 2008;265(9):1109-12. Electronic designed to decrease the rate of nosocomial alerts to prevent venous thromboembolism methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus among hospitalized patients. Effects of an integrated clinical Improving the management of pain in information system on medication safety in hospitalized adults. Effect of Patients With a Computerized Provider computerised prescribing on use of Order Entry Warning System. Integrating “best of care” protocols into Substantial reduction of inappropriate tablet clinicians’ workflow via care provider order splitting with computerised decision entry: impact on quality-of-care indicators support: a prospective intervention study for acute myocardial infarction. Evaluation of laboratory monitoring alerts Improving laboratory monitoring at within a computerized physician order entry initiation of drug therapy in ambulatory system for medication orders. Tiering drug-drug interaction alerts by Randomized trial to improve prescribing severity increases compliance rates. Guided prescription of psychotropic Effectiveness of a clinical decision support medications for geriatric inpatients. Stud Health Technol system in improving compliance with Inform 2007;129(Pt:2):2-40. A mobile diabetes management randomized randomized trial using computerized controlled trial: Change in clinical and decision support to improve treatment of behavioral outcomes and patient and major depression in primary care. Use of a computerized guideline for glucose regulation in the intensive care unit improved both guideline adherence and glucose regulation. Effects of electronic prescribing on Reducing vancomycin use utilizing a formulary compliance and generic drug computer guideline: results of a randomized utilization in the ambulatory care setting: a controlled trial. Medication errors: a prospective cohort Use of a personal digital assistant for study of hand-written and computerised managing antibiotic prescribing for physician order entry in the intensive care outpatient respiratory tract infections in rural unit. Effect of a computerized prescriber-order­ Effect of alerts for drug dosage adjustment entry system on reported medication errors. A effect of automated alerts on provider guideline implementation system using ordering behavior in an outpatient setting. Increasing the detection and response to adherence problems with cardiovascular 169. The influence that electronic outpatient influenza immunizations at the prescribing has on medication errors and point of clinical opportunity. Effect of computer order entry on prevention Computerized decision support to reduce of serious medication errors in hospitalized potentially inappropriate prescribing to older children. Treatment with oseltamivir in children Evaluation of an electronic critical drug hospitalized with community-acquired, interaction program coupled with active laboratory-confirmed influenza: review of pharmacist intervention. Ann Pharmacother five seasons and evaluation of an electronic 2007;41(12):1979-85. Paediatr Evaluation and audit of a pilot of electronic Anaesth 2007;17(11):1083-9. Am J Health Syst implementation of computerized physician Pharm 1999;56(3):225-32. Am J observational study at three mail-order Health Syst Pharm 2003;60(18):1880-2. Effects prescriptions after automated prescription of computerized prescriber order entry on transmittals to pharmacies. New technologies Using bar-code technology and medication applied to the medication-dispensing observation methodology for safer process, error analysis and contributing medication administration. Patient- electronic prompt in dispensing software to directed intervention versus clinician promote clinical interventions by reminders alone to improve aspirin use in community pharmacists: a randomized diabetes: A cluster randomized trial. Computerized medication administration Impact of barcode medication administration records decrease medication occurrences. Am J and after implementation of computerized Health Syst Pharm 2009;66(12):1110-5. The administration on medication administration effect of an interactive visual reminder in an errors and accuracy in multiple patient care anesthesia information management system areas. Am J Health Syst Pharm on timeliness of prophylactic antibiotic 2009;66(13):1202-10. Preventable Adverse Drug Events in a Computer-based monitoring as a tool for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: A Prospective antimicrobial de-escalation. Improving Evaluation of a computer-assisted antibiotic- outcomes in high-risk populations using dose monitor.